1. Alternative Treatment for Kids with ADHD
  2. As Man Thinketh
  3. Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables
  4. Blood Type Information
  5. Expressive Writing Therapy – Cancer Recovery
  6. Faith for Recovery Research
  7. Garlic: Crush it for Greater Health Benefits
  8. Gratitude
  9. Group Exercise for Breast Cancer
  10. Healing Frequencies
  11. Healthy Juices
  12. HIV, Pain, Prostrate Cancer
  13. Holographic Universe
  14. Honey and Cinnamon Cure
  15. How Color Works
  16. Inside The Womb
  17. Light Can Cure You
  18. Meridian System And The Mechanism Of Acupuncture
  19. Oil Pulling
  20. Personal Reality and Consciousness
  21. Shining a Light on Pain
  22. Stretching For Foot Pain
  23. TENS, Acupuncture for Pain Relief in Childbirth
  24. Vaccine Against Cancer

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