Anyone can benefit from Esogetic Colorpuncture treatments. Whether you are ill or in pain, or simply wish to prevent illness, remain healthy and even expand your consciousness, improve your relationships or find new life direction. Some of the types of treatments that my be used include.

Detoxification Treatments

Help the lymph to drain and stimulate key points to activate bodily detoxification processes. In Esogetics, the lymph is seen as a repository for old emotional toxins. By clearing the lymph, we clear the soul.

Coordination Therapies

A large number of treatments address different parts of the brain and the glandular system. These treatments energetically “balance and clean” the hardware responsible for regulating the functions of the body.

Pain Therapies

Peter Mandel has developed a large number of pain therapies, many of which work with reflex zones or bodily mappings around the body. These treatments involve the use of infrared or colored light. Since the roots of pain often lie deep in the emotions and unconscious, many of these treatments work to clear pain by addressing the underlying issues in the body/mind.

Ophtalmotropic Genetic Therapies

These therapies, referred to as OGT for short, open up an infinite number of options to treat diseases along the lines of genetic information. Even genetic misinformation or constitutional weakness, which can lead to physical or psychological stress, can be corrected or strengthened.

Meridian Therapies

These therapies balance energy flow in each of the energy meridians of the body (based on Chinese Medicine) and also particularly address the unconscious emotional burdens and psychic issues which effect these meridians.

Prenatal Therapies

Many of our patterns for ill health actually begin with traumas which occur during the prenatal period. Mandel has developed a powerful series of therapies to address and clear trauma that occurred in prenatal time.

Conflict Resolution Therapy

Mandel has found that illness is often related to unresolved emotional conflicts from the past. These conflicts, buried deep in our unconscious, can eventually disturb our energy system which in turn effects the body. Conflict resolution therapy brings these conflicts more into consciousness, so they can be released or resolved without impacting the energetic health.

Transmitter Relay Therapy

These therapies help client get in touch with the inner wisdom and insight needed to become all that they are meant to be.

Dream Zone Therapy

These are zones or areas of skin which are treated with color and Esogetic Herb Oil to activate dreams. Dreaming helps to clear the person of mental garbage and thus, free the channels of the brain to gain access to their higher selves and information about their life program.

Treatment Procedure

The first step: the exact screening evaluation

It is a pity that even today, the importance of a thorough screening for the therapeutic process and recovery is still often underestimated. It is not about basing a treatment on the symptoms of the disease, because the patient knows well enough “where the problem lies”. The evaluator has to establish “why there is a problem”. He has to be able to recognize the cause of the symptoms and trace the signal of the body back to its origin. A necessary prerequisite for that is the comprehension of the physical, emotional and mental state of a patient. A symptom can only be fully understood and treated appropriately, if all possibilities have been thought through and all the levels between spirit and body have been included. In order to do that Esogetic Holistic Medicine uses the Energy Emission Analysis (EEA), a combination of Kirlian photography and topography.

The second step: to recognize and interpret

The EEA allows us to trace the chain between symptom and cause back step-by-step. Once the origin of a symptom has been discovered, in the informational/energetic screening history of the patient, it becomes our task to interpret it. We do this by assigning the radiation phenomena that have become visible in the EEA pictures to organs and body systems as well as layers of the conscious and the subconscious. This is accomplished through the EEA topography that Peter Mandel has developed. This method gives us clear information about the original connections between the symptom and its (soul-spirit) cause.

The third step: the holistic therapy concept

It has to be “custom tailored”. That is the only way to do the patient’s individual situation justice, and only then can a therapy help lead to a recovery. Once all the information has been evaluated, a therapy concept is established and applied to the patient.

The fourth step: evaluation of the reaction

After the initial holistic therapy, we note and evaluate the patient’s reactive ability as well as the type of reaction. Then we take a second EEA picture which gives us a direct comparison between the “before and after” holistic treatment situation.

The fifth step: determination of the final holistic therapy

If the initial holistic therapy is validated through the EEA picture and shows us the intended reactions, then it is used as the final holistic therapy. If the results are not satisfying (which also is a valuable therapeutic clue in itself), then we determine and evaluate a new holistic therapy.

The sixth step: application and control

The final holistic therapeutic responses, the therapeutic progress and success are being controlled at each step through a sequence of subsequent EEA pictures throughout the duration of the holistic treatment.